Warwick District Council operates a Rural/Urban Initiatives Scheme (RUCIS) which gives grants (£1,000 - £20,000) to locally led and run, not-for-profit, community organisations towards capital projects which make use of volunteer labour within the Warwick District area.

Capital is defined as 'funds used by an organisation to purchase or upgrade physical assets such as property or equipment'.

For example:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy technology, such as:
    • loft, cavity wall or external wall insulation
    • LED lighting including controls & sensors
    • solar panels
    • heat pumps
    • replacement 'A' rated boilers or burners including zone control
    • heat recovery and thermal stores
    • electric charging infrastructure for public use
  • Building repairs and construction
  • Disabled access / facilities
  • Resurfacing: carparks, driveways, sports courts, play areas
  • New facilities: kitchens, toilets
  • New equipment: playgrounds, machinery

Applications need not be made in the name of the Parish/Town Council but will need their financial support to enable the project to be considered.

Projects should be of a capital nature as explained above. 

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