Designated disabled parking is available on-street throughout Leamington and Warwick town centres. These bays are reserved for those in possession of a valid blue badge which is clearly displayed with the expiry information ready for inspection by the Civil Enforcement Officers. If all designated bays on-street are unavailable or in use by other blue badge holders, blue badge holders are permitted to park their vehicles within non-designated disabled parking bays for free whilst displaying a valid blue badge with the expiry information clearly displayed upon the windscreen or dashboard.

The following streets have designated disabled parking bays. Please check signage and road markings on display.

Leamington - streets with disabled parking bays

Click on a postcode for a location map 

Street - click postcode for map Post code
Bedford Street CV32 4DA
Bedford Street CV32 4BT
Guy Street CV32 4RQ
Guy Street CV32 4RT
Oxford Street CV32 4RA
Priory Terrace CV31 1AA
Regent Grove CV32 4AT
Regent Street CV32 4NS
Regent Street CV32 4AQ
Tavistock Street CV32 4DN
The Parade CV32 4AA
The Parade CV32 4AG
The Parade CV32 4AT
Warwick Street CV32 4BL
Warwick Street CV32 4QG
Warwick Street CV32 5JP
Warwick Street CV32 5JR
Windsor Place CV32 5DY

Warwick - streets with disabled parking bays

Street Post code
Barrack Street  CV34 4TH
Castle Street CV34 4BP
Market Place CV34 4SL
Market Place CV34 4SA
Old Square CV34 4RA
Swan Street CV34 4BJ
The Holloway CV34 4SJ