Warwick District Council car parks offer designated disabled parking bays. These bays are slightly larger to allow those requiring extra space to manoeuvre out from the vehicle and should only be used by those whom require them.

If all designated bays are unavailable or if the car park does not have designated disabled parking bays, blue badge holders are permitted to park their vehicles within non-designated disabled parking bays for free. They must display a valid blue badge with the expiry information clearly displayed upon the windscreen or dashboard.

Car parks and designated disabled parking


Car park (click link for map) Disabled spaces
Covent Garden 0
Covent Garden surface 8
Chandos Street 0
St Peters 6
Royal Priors 15
Bedford Street 2
Adelaide Bridge 0
Rosefield St 2
Court Street 2
Bath Place 2
Packington Place 2


Car park (click link for map) Disabled spaces
New Street 2
Castle Lane 2
Westgate 3
The Butts 1
Priory Road 0
Barrack Street 10
Linen Street 0
West Rock 0
St Nicholas Park 9
St Marys Area 1 0
St Marys Area 2 0
St Marys Area 3 2
St Marys Area 4 4
Myton Fields 0


Car park (click link for map) Disabled spaces
Square West 5
Abbey End 8
Abbey Fields 8