HMO Licensing Fees 2023

Licence fees are reviewed annually, the fees below are applicable from 1st January 2023, please note that payments for licence fees can only be made online. Warwick District Council are no longer able to accept cheques.

HMO Licence

The full fee is applicable for new HMOs or where the licence holder has not held a licence at the property before i.e. if the property is sold to a new owner or there is a change of licence holder. It is based on the number of occupiers, after the intial licence, further licences are charged at renewal rate. Occupiers refers to all people living in the property.

Number of Occupiers Fee
5 Occupiers £964.00
6-12 Occupiers £1,116.00
13-20 Occupiers £1,278.00
21+ Occupiers £1,476.00

HMO Licence Renewal

This is the fee for a subsequent licence, which will be held by the same named person on the same property.

Number of Occupiers Fee
5 Occupiers £733.00
6-12 Occupiers £843.00
13-20 Occupiers £970.00
21+ Occupiers £1,116.00

Other Applicable HMO Licensing Charges

  Fee Purpose
Late Licence Application  £139.00
  • New applications - Where the Council is aware that an HMO is due to become occupied by 5 or more persons, but the landlord/agent fails to submit a licence application by the time it becomes so occupied.
  • Renewal applications- Where a licence application is received by the Council after the expiry date of the existing licence.
Charge for operating a HMO that requires a licence £207.00
  • Where it comes to the Council’s attention that an HMO is operating without a licence, and the Council has not received prior notification of it becoming licensable,


  • Where it comes to the Council’s attention that a licensed HMO is subject to a change of owner if the new owner fails to submit a new application within 7 days of completion of the purchase.

N.B. Failing to submit a duly made HMO licence application is an offence, and irrespective of any administartive charges which are made, landlords/agents may also be liable to enforcement sanctions.

Late Documents Charge £70.60
  • A charge will be made if any documents/application fee have not been received within 14 days of being requested by the Council.
Additional copying of documents £6.90
  • Requests for copies of safety certification we hold or further copies of the licence due to the original being misplaced.
Miscellaneous payment  - 
  • If you have under paid a licence fee, you will be asked to pay the difference using this method.

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