Coronavirus update

We understand that it has been a difficult and uncertain time for a lot of people since the pandemic began, and we are very aware that many people are facing financial issues and difficulties that they have never faced before.  We took the decision in March 2020, when the Country went into the first lock down, to place as much emphasis as possible in supporting tenants who were struggling to keep up with rent payments, this remains our focus. 

Your income management officers are here to help you through this time, it is very important that you continue to pay your rent, please keep in touch with us if you are experiencing problems. We are here to help.

The temporary eviction ban imposed by the government has now ended, the courts continue to allow legal proceedings for breaches of tenancy which includes arrears accrued through non-payment of rent. 

This means courts can now grant landlords permission to proceed with possession hearings. Whilst this is not the path we want to go down, if tenants do not talk to us, or make payments towards rent due and arrears owing, it may leave us with no other option but to take enforcement action. The key message is talk to us if you are struggling, we can help.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, then you should continue to prioritise rent payments and contact your income management officer who can provide you with support and advice. The government has a package of financial support available for people who have been affected by COVID-19.

Telling us early will help if you are having difficulty paying rent.

Available support

Tell us if you are having difficulty with rent payments during COVID-19.

If you are a Warwick District Council tenant experiencing difficulties paying your rent, you may want to speak to our Financial Inclusion Officer on 01926 456454. This service is free of charge, and may be able to help you maximise your income and offer budgeting solutions. You can also contact Citizens’ Advice on 0300 330 1183 for an appointment.

If your income has reduced, you might be entitled to housing benefit.

If you would like to see if you are entitled to any other benefits, please use this benefit calculator. provide information and advice about rent arrears.

Energy saving advice

Act on Energy are on hand to offer advice and guidance in this difficult time for those struggling with their heating or energy bills. There is access to funding for insulation measures and emergency boiler replacements for homeowners. Act on Energy are conducting price comparisons on energy bills and there is support available for residents who use prepayment meters.

To find out more please call 0800 988 2881.

Contact us

Income recovery officers who monitor rent accounts:

  • Yusaf Ramzan - 01926 456433
  • Mark Herbert - 01926 456435
  • Gemma Weller  01926 456456
  • Caroline Huckvale - 01926 456438

Online: contact us about your council house rent payments

When you pay your rent on time you contribute to the service Warwick District Council provides for you and your neighbours. Late rent payments mean the council has less to spend on repairing and improving your home and the area you live in.

Failure to make rent payments will result in you losing your home.