Warwick District Council understands that there are many reasons why some council tenants have rent arrears. We will deal with your problems in a professional and fair manner.

If you are a Warwick District Council tenant experiencing difficulties paying your bills, you may want to speak to our Money Advice Caseworker, Lisa Crossland on 01926 456454. This service is free of charge and she will work with you to prioritise your debts. You can also contact Citizens’ Advice on 0300 330 1183 for an appointment.

If your income has reduced, you might be entitled to housing benefit.

Gov.uk provide information and advice about rent arrears.

Contact us

Income Recovery Officers who monitor rent accounts.

  • John Gallagher, Income Recovery and Financial Inclusion Manager - 01926 456411
  • Mark Herbert - 01926 456435
  • Yusaf Ramzan - 01926 456456
  • Nyesha Smith - 01926 456438
  • Mike Tierney - 01926 456239

Email: hsgra@warwickdc.gov.uk

When you pay your rent on time you contribute to the service Warwick District Council provides for you and your neighbours. Late rent payments mean the council has less to spend on repairing and improving your home and the area you live in.

Failure to make rent payments will result in you losing your home.