Letter template

Sometimes a polite and friendly note through the door is enough to help the nuisance stop.

We’ve created a letter template to help you write the note. The letter is from you, not the Council. You should keep a copy of any letters you send.

Domestic noise sample letter

This is a suggested letter to a neighbour. The noise maybe from music, dogs, or parties for example. You will need to copy the text and change it to fit your complaint.

You can send this letter anonymously, but your neighbour will not be able to contact you about the complaint.

This is your letter and not one from Warwick District Council. 

Dear Neighbour [or their name]

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you in this way but I would like to make you aware that I am being disturbed by [noise] from [for example, loud music/DIY/dog barking] which appears to be coming from your property.  

You may not realise how this affects me/us/my family but [describe how noise that affects you, for example, I/we am unable to sleep].

I just wanted to let you know about this and ask that you take steps to resolve/improve the situation. 

I hope that we can resolve this between ourselves.

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully/sincerely

You can download an editable template of this letter. You will need Microsoft Word or an editor which is able to edit DOCX files.