Tips to resolve a noise issue

The person causing a noise is not always aware of the impact it is having on others. An informal approach can resolve the problem early on and prevent it from escalating. This may not be suitable in all cases.

Tips when discussing a noise issue:

  • Make the approach when you are not angry or upset
  • Agree a convenient time to meet
  • Think beforehand about what you wish to say – be clear and precise about your view of the problem
  • Remain calm
  • Allow them to express their own views and seek to understand what is being said
  • Be prepared to accept differences in attitudes or ways of life, but be firm about behaviours that are causing harm or stress
  • Take the view that together you can find a resolution
  • Be reasonable – if you are offered concessions see if you can do the same, but do not rush to an unsatisfactory agreement

If this approach does not work, then make a note of what was discussed and the outcome. Then put your complaint in writing in polite terms, requesting a reduction in the noise disturbance. You should allow two weeks for your letter to be considered and action taken. Keep copies of all letters and notes.