As a leaseholder, we have no objection to you sub-letting unless it is not allowed in the terms of your lease.

Before you sublet you must first do the following:

  • Get the permission of your bank or building society as it may be a condition on your mortgage.
  • Inform us and give us a contact address for you or your agent in case of emergencies, problems caused by faults, or the behaviour of your tenant(s). Failure to provide us with a contact address will invalidate the Buildings Insurance for the leaseholder.
  • Tell us who is living in your property – if it is a flat for example, we will not issue a parking permit to anyone unless we have confirmation that they have your permission to be there.

Things to be aware of:

  • The conditions of your lease still apply – if your tenant breaks the lease we will take action against you and not your tenant.
  • You are still responsible for service charges – if you do not pay we will take action against you and not your tenant.
  • You are responsible for your tenant – it is important your tenancy agreement includes the same rules and regulations that apply to you as a leaseholder.
  • If you have gas in your home; you will also be responsible for the landlord’s duties under the Gas Safety (installation and use) regulations 1998. This means that, by law, you are responsible for making sure the gas appliances, pipe-work and flues are safe and well-maintained. You should arrange a yearly gas safety check to be carried out by a registered engineer. You also need to make sure you give your tenant a copy of the yearly gas safety check record.

Failure to meet these requirements can lead to criminal prosecution.