Leaseholders responsibilities

Your lease is a legal contract between you and Warwick District Council. It confirms what has been agreed and gives details of your rights and responsibilities as well as our responsibilities.

It describes the home that you have bought with a plan showing any garden, garage or shed that may be included in the demise of your property. If you own a leasehold flat, the plan also shows the area of your block, or the estate that your home is in, for the purpose of calculating service charges.

What does your lease cover

Your lease is broken down into sections called ‘schedules’. Each schedule sets out conditions or responsibilities that you have as the leaseholder or that we have as the freeholder.

If you have bought your home from us, we usually retain ownership of the land. If your home is a flat then we will usually own and be responsible for the communal areas of the building and the fabric of the building itself (for example the roof).

Our responsibilities

  • Managing the buildings and estates
  • Maintaining records about leaseholders
  • Arranging buildings insurance for leasehold properties (not contents insurance)
  • Identifying the charges to be billed to you
  • Dealing with your queries
  • Dealing with request for permission to carry out alterations

Your responsibilities

  • To abide by your lease agreement
  • To tell us about repairs for which we are responsible
  • To ensure necessary repairs are carried out to the internal parts of your home
  • To pay your service charge
  • To ensure members of your household and visitors do not cause nuisance, annoyance or damage in or around the property

Paying your charges

You can pay your housing rents online:

Make a payment