There are many sports clubs in Warwick district that cater for young people and adults. If you are interested in joining a local club and require contact details for a specific sport or activity, contact Manoj Sonecha (Active Communities Officer) on 01926 456221 or email

Recommended questions to ask before sending your child to any sports club

  • Does the club have a separate junior section and membership?
  • Is the club affiliated to the National Governing Body ?
  • Are the coaches qualified?
  • Have all the coaches and volunteers been through a Disclosure and Barring Service check?
  • Have coaches and volunteers received child protection / safeguarding training?
  • Does the coaching and competition take place at safe venues?
  • Does the club have first aid equipment at all coaching and competition ?
  • Does the club have public liability insurance ?
  • Are there competitive opportunities for my son / daughter to take part in?
  • What opportunities are there for my son / daughter to progress through the club

As well as these questions we would also advise that you meet coaches and volunteers and stay and observe the coaching and competition, before your child joins a new club. By doing this you are not only ensuring the safety of your own child but also ensuring that clubs continue to improve and develop and continue to provide a safe, effective, club friendly club environment.

For further information for clubs, coaches, parents and young people on a range of child protection issues in sport visit the Child Protection in Sport Unit website. 

Sports club development

The Active Communities Officer can provide help and advice on general aspects of club development including: funding, working with schools, child protection, club accreditation schemes, coach education and holiday activities. Simply call 01926 456221 for more information. It is advised that clubs contact their individual national governing bodies as well to discuss support available.