The Fitter Futures GP Referral Scheme is a great way for people with long term health conditions to increase physical activity levels and improve health.

The scheme covers a wide range of health conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, overweight or obesity, depression or anxiety, osteoporosis and more. This involves health care professionals referring patients to our three leisure facilities which are managed by Everyone Active - Newbold ComynSt. Nicholas Park Leisure Centre and Castle Farm Recreation Centre.

The referred patient will have a programme developed and tailored to their needs by the  highly qualified GP Referral gym staff, which will include a range of activities determined by their health condition and preferences. The fitness consultant will then support them through their twice weekly visits over the schemes 12 week period. After completion of the referral scheme and with the support of the fitness consultant a future action plan would be developed for the patient to continue to be physically active.

Regular physical activity can benefit your heart health, manage your weight, improve your muscle and joint functions, and positively affect your mind. Not only will it help you manage and control existing conditions, but it will help protect you from developing other health complications too.

To get started please speak to your local leisure centre or GP about being referred onto the scheme where you will be able to use a range of facilities with expert guidance and support. For further information visit the Fitter Futures Warwickshire website.