Equality objectives 2021 - 2025

Our Council's vision

‘Warwick District, a great place to live work and visit, where we aspire to build sustainable, safe, stronger and healthier communities.’

Our People vision

‘People - Valuing our staff, empowering our staff, supporting our staff through change, ensuring our communication is clear and regular.’

Our equality objectives

Setting equality objectives is an important way for us to show our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our equality objectives help us describe the things we'll do to support Warwick District Council’s vision and ensure we stay true to our values:

  • honesty and integrity
  • openness and transparency
  • fairness and equity
  • community focus
  • environmental sensitivity

1. We will ensure that we provide fair and accessible services and facilities, efficiently and effectively, to meet the diverse needs of our communities, and will manage this by:

  • Carrying out Equality Impact Assessments and/or overall risk assessments to ensure decision-making is fair and no group is disadvantaged or discouraged from participating and we monitor performance
  • Collecting and analysing customer satisfaction data to enable us to improve service delivery and results

2. We will promote equality through improving the quality of equality information collected, held and used by the council through:

  • Ensuring we have the infrastructure in place to collect and analysis data to better understand the communities we serve
  • Monitoring and analysing customer data to make sure services, practices and processes are suitable for and reach as wide an audience as possible

3. Promote equality through engagement between the council, communities, customers, groups and individuals.

  • We will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express their views, by empowering them to take part in decision making processes and influence our service delivery, practices and processes
  • We will plan and monitor engagement with communities to improve the quality and effectiveness of council provision

4. Promote equality through better understanding of our workforce/potential workforce and be seen as a good employer. This will be achieved by:

  • Monitoring local demographics
  • Analysing and subsequently addressing any disparities or issues found through our collection and recording of staff diversity data (based on the protected characteristics as identified in the Equality Act 2010), as well as through our gender and ethnicity pay gap reporting
  • Providing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training to all our staff, including Equality Impact Assessment training, as appropriate
  • Actively promoting our Dignity at Work policy