Drains and sewers

Unfortunately, the responsibility for drainage and flooding problems can be complicated. There are four main areas as follows:

The public sewer system

This is the responsibility of Severn Trent Water Limited. Copies of the record maps indicating the location of public sewers in Warwick District area are held at the offices of Severn Trent and here at the District Council's. Property owners connected to the public sewer pay charges to Severn Trent for collection and disposal of their domestic drainage.

Pumping stations which form part of the public sewage system are also maintained by Severn Trent Water Limited. Any queries or emergencies are to be reported to 0800 783 444.

The private drainage system

This is the responsibility of each owner whose property it drains. Where more than one property uses a private pipeline, responsibility is normally shared proportionately.

The private system comprises all the pipework up to the point of connection with a public sewer or the entire system where connected to a septic tank, cesspool or soakaway. Formal record maps indicating the location of private drainage systems are not held by any authority. The deeds of a property may however include details.

The highway (road) drainage system

The highway surface water drainage of all adopted public road, other than trunk roads, is the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council who maintain highway drainage systems, including roadside drainage gullies. Trunk roads are the responsibility of the Highway Agency. Drainage of private unadopted roads is normally the responsibility of private property owners who make use of or adjoin the road.

To report problems with the highway drainage system, please contact Warwickshire County Council's County Highways on 01926 412 515 or email them at countyhighways@warwickshire.gov.uk.

The land drainage system

Land Drainage comprises of a system of rivers, watercourses, ditches, culverts, pipes, lakes and ponds intended to drain water resulting from rainfall and flows from underground sources. Please see our Land Drainage page for more detailed information.

The sewerage system

Sewerage systems comprise a system of pipework known as sewers and drains, which convey foul and/or surface water to a suitable outfall - normally either a sewage treatment works, a septic tank, a cesspool, or in the case of separate surface water to a watercourse or to soakaways. The system is divided into two categories - Public and Private.

For further details, please see our drains and sewers FAQs.

You can also visit Citizens Advice's website for further advice and information on drains or sewers.