Red boxes and bags

Red recycling box scheme

We provide a recycling scheme using red boxes and red or white reusable bags. Find out what we collect.

There is no limit on the amount of recycling you can present as long as it is contained and presented properly. We strongly recommend using our red boxes and bags as they are fit for purpose.

Order boxes and bags

Order recycling boxes, bags and caddies 

Please see the charges for containers.

Please note:- recycling boxes and bags will mostly be redundant from August 2022 when the new 123+ waste collection scheme starts. Most properties will be provided with a wheeled bin for recycling instead. Therefore, you may prefer to provide your own recycling containers until that time rather than paying the recycling box and bag charges as no refunds will be given. Please ensure your own containers meet the following specific criteria:

  • No larger than 55 litres
  • Handles for safe and easy lifting and tipping
  • Made from a strong sturdy material

Please ensure you keep materials separate (e.g. paper in one container, tins/cans in another, etc.).

Putting out your recycling for collection

Boxes and bags must be placed at the edge of your property, or agreed collection point, by 7am on your collection day. Please do not put them out before 7pm the night before collection and return them to your property as soon as possible after collection.

If you forget to put your boxes and bags out, the collection crew will not be able to return. You will need to wait two weeks until your next collection.

Report a missed bin collection

Report a missed collection

Please report a missed bin as soon as possible after 4pm on the day collection. We aim to return within the next 2 working days so please leave it out in its normal place for collection.

Bank holiday collections

Collections are made as normal on all bank holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Please check your collection day above to find out your changes over Christmas.

How to present your recycling

The collection crews sort your recycling by hand so please ensure all items are clean, safe and sorted. 

Use your red box for paper, glass bottles/jars and tins/cans. Your recycling bags should only be used for cardboard and plastic pots/tubs/trays/bottles.

If you have multiple containers please use one for each material as this helps our collection crews to collect your recycling faster. If you only have one box, you could use paper in the middle of your box to separate the cans from the glass.

If you do not have recycling bags, you can use the red box to recycle all materials collected through the scheme. However, the recycling bags should only be used for cardboard and plastics.

Find out why we collect recycling in this way.

What to do with extra recycling?

On occasions that you have additional recycling that won't fit into your boxes/bags, this can be placed in a sturdy bag or small box. It is important that each additional container only contains one material. Therefore, paper in one container, tins/cans in another. Cardboard boxes should only be used to contain flat-packed cardboard and should be no bigger than your red box.  

We can't collect food and drink cartons (e.g. Tetrapaks)

Food and drink cartons (e.g. Tetrapaks) cannot be recycled through the red box/bag scheme. However they can be recycled at your local recycling centre (supermarket car parks, shopping precincts, etc.) Visit to find your nearest recycling bins. Find out why we can't collect cartons.

Extreme weather - disruption to services

During times of extreme weather such as snow, ice, extreme heat, etc. please check the waste collection service disruption page for any refuse and recycling service changes that become necessary.