People's inquiry sessions

During a period of three months, the group have participated in a series of ten sessions led by independent facilitators, Shared Future to discuss topics ranging from the science behind climate change and practical options for how we can make a difference locally to home energy and the impact of industry, business and transport.

The 30 members of the Jury heard from a series of expert commentators to help them answer the question "What do we need to do in Warwick district to help address climate change by 2030." 

Introduction to the Warwick District People's Climate Change Inquiry

Watch the sessions on YouTube

To ensure the process has been fair and balanced, the inquiry has been planned and overseen by a group from organisations from across the District. The group have included representatives from:

  • University of Warwick
  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Warwickshire County Council
  • Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action (WCAVA)
  • Warwick University Students Union
  • Leamington Town Council
  • Barford Parish Council
  • Matt Western MP
  • National Grid
  • National Farmers Union (NFU)
  • Kenilworth Climate Change Group
  •  Action 21