Local Labour Agreements (LLAs) are negotiated with applicable developments as part of the Section 106 process.

Warwick District Council will support and promote the use of local people and businesses through the construction and implementation stages of development proposals, particularly major proposals that generate significant levels of employment through the development phase. Sites of 50 or more dwellings or 5000sqm or more of commercial development will be required to develop and submit an Employment and Skills Plan.

The council has adopted an Employment and Skills (LLA) Policy to ensure;

  • Local people benefit from new job opportunities created by major developments in the district
  • Local people are provided with opportunities to gain skills needed for employment in growth industries
  • Local people have access to lifelong-learning and the promotion of "learning communities"
  • The environmental impact of unnecessary travel is minimised by maximised local employment opportunities

A blank Local Labour Agreement is provided to aid the production of appropriate developer agreements.

For more information on LLAs, please contact Martin O'Neill on 01926 456064 or Martin.O'Neill@warwickdc.gov.uk