Warwick District Council is responsible for around 19,000 individual trees in parks and open spaces, together with many groups of trees and small copses and around 145 Ha (250 acres) of woodlands.

Warwickshire County Council are responsible for trees on the highway. 

In 1999, Warwick District Council adopted a Tree and Woodland Strategy to provide a framework for managing trees in the district. The strategy recognises that we are fortunate to have benefited from the foresight of earlier generations who planted trees in our towns. It seeks to ensure that trees continue to make an important contribution to the character of the district for generations to come.

The Tree and Woodland Strategy is now being reviewed by a working party consisting of councillors from all main political groups and council officers from both Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council.

The working party have agreed a set of guidelines for dealing with requests from residents to have trees pruned.

These policies seek to:

  • Ensure a balance between the environment and the needs and wants of individual residents 
  • Form the basis for prioritising the use of the limited funds available for tree maintenance
  • Establish a consistent and transparent framework for pruning trees