Victoria Park play area

The brand new play area at Victoria Park is now open!

The playground has been designed to be a statement for the area and features a bespoke tree house, the first of its kind in the UK. The equipment appeals to a wide variety of ages with theming going through the areas allowing children to progress to the next stage.

The play area features:

  • a trim trail adventure course
  • swings for different abilities
  • trampolines
  • play houses
  • spinning items

The new play area also has a wheelchair carousel and trampolines that are suitable for wheelchairs, and the majority of the equipment is DDA accessible.

The layout and surfacing of this new play area has been designed with access in mind so that all of the equipment can be easily accessed for all abilities, allowing children to interact and learn.

The surfacing is a mixture of sand, woodchip, wet pour and tiger mulch which provides different colours and textures as well as providing a safe surface to play on.

The play area is a true flagship for the district.


Aerial view of the new play area

Aerial view of the sand pit

Aerial view of the park

Play area