Please note these are the general conditions of hire for all Warwick District Council sports facilities.

There may be slight amendments that are relevant to individual sports, activities, events or venues. These alterations will be forwarded to you at the time your booking is confirmed. If you have any queries reference the Conditions of Hire please contact the facility manager. The following Conditions of Hire will form the basis of a legally binding contract between Warwick District Council and the person hiring the facilities.

Completion of the application form signifies acceptance of the conditions of hire.


Following Notice 742 from HM Custom and Excise the basic VAT position for letting Warwick District Council facilities is as follows. The letting of facilities for any sport or for taking part in any physical recreation is normally standard-rated. But if the let is for over 24 hours or is for a series of sessions VAT may be exempt when the let meets ALL the following conditions.

  1. The series consists of 10 or more sessions
  2. Each session is for the same sport or activity
  3. Each session is in the same place, although a different pitch, court or lane or different number of pitches, courts or lanes is acceptable.
  4. The interval between each session is at least 1 day but not more than 14 days. The duration of the sessions may be varied; however there is no exception for intervals greater than 14 days through the closure of the facility for any reason.
  5. The series is to be paid for as a whole and there is written evidence to the fact. This must include evidence that payment is to be made in full whether or not the right to use the facility for any specific session is actually exercised.
  6. The facilities are let to a school, club, association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs or constituent associations, such as local leagues.
  7. The person to whom the facilities are let has exclusive use of them during the session.

All hirers will have to be charged VAT in advance, the good news is that at the end of the booking period clubs are able to put in a claim to receive back VAT should they have met the full conditions above.


It is the Council's policy to review all prices and charges annually and rates are operative from 1st April each year


  • Regular block bookings: payment must be made within 14 days of a regular monthly invoice issued by the Council's finance section
  • One off Special Events: payment must be made within 14 days of a regular monthly invoice issued by the Council's finance section
  • Casual 'One off' bookings:payment must be made within 14 days of a regular monthly invoice issued by the Council's finance section


Block bookings: a regular user is permitted 1 cancellation per 25 bookings on a pro rata basis during the year (operative from 1st April). If the hirer exceeds the number of cancellations permitted the full charge will still be levied. At least 1 weeks written notice must be given otherwise the full charge will be levied.

Casual 'One Off' bookings: a casual user must give at least 7 days notice of cancellation in writing otherwise the full charge will be levied.


The organiser shall indemnify the Council against all actions, costs and demands in respect of damage or injury to a person, animal or property which may arise out of the facilities by the organiser; and shall take adequate insurance of at least £2.5 million against any reasonable foreseeable risk.

Clubs and organisations that provide any form of paid or free instruction or coaching during the period of hire, must have adequate insurance. Warwick District Council recommend a minimum of £5 million public liability.

Evidence of such insurance must be produced prior to confirmation of the booking.


All Coaches, instructors and teachers etc. hiring the facilities for the purpose of teaching others will be required to produce evidence of a suitable qualification before confirmation of the booking can be made.

Teachers of Aerobics, Aqua Aerobics and similar activities will also be required to produce evidence of holding a current PPL Licence.

Change Overs

The booking time is to include time for equipment to be set up, taken down or stored. This will be a maximum of 5 minutes per hour booking.

Floodlighting and Changing Room Allocation.

The above facilities will be utilised at the discretion of Warwick District Council.

Use of Electrical Equipment

All items of electrical equipment brought onto the premises, must comply with Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Hirers will be required to provide proof that all electrical items have current test certificates.

In General

  1. All accidents and injures are reported as soon as possible to the supervisor on duty.
  2. Any damage to or faults with any equipment, fixtures or fitting is reported as above.
  3. All litter is removed or placed in the bins provided.
  4. Non marking training shoes only to be worn for all dry-side activities; either training shoes or rubber multi-studded boots for activities on the all weather pitch; Roller boots with rubber stoppers to be used for all Roller sessions.
  5. Refreshments are not allowed in the main activity areas or by the poolside. No chewing gum, food or drink  (except water) is to be taken inside the perimeter fence of the all weather pitch.
  6. The Council's No Smoking policy is adhered to in all facilities.
  7. No Person climbs or attempts to climb the perimeter fence surrounding the all weather pitch.
  8. No animals are allowed inside the facilities without permission from the Manager of the facilities:- with  exception of the Guide Dogs/ Dogs for the disabled.

Any abuse of the above conditions could result in a charge being levied to the hirer and facilities being withdrawn.