A new booking system is now in operation at Christchurch Gardens to allow players to reserve a court in advance.

How to book a court

Please follow these steps to book a court:

  1. Visit the Christchurch Gardens (Beauchamp Square) in Leamington Spa page on the Club Spark booking platform
  2. Select the court, date and time
  3. Log in to ClubSpark (or sign up for an account if you do not have one)
  4. Receive your gate access PIN code 
  5. Access the courts by entering your PIN into the court keypad (including the * symbol)
  6. Enjoy your tennis

Bookings can be made on the online system up to 2 weeks (14 days) in advance.

Visit LTA Rally - How To Book A Court for more information about making a booking. 

Is there an app?

You can also book courts using the free ClubSpark Booker app available for iPhone and Android.  

How many courts are there?

There are three bookable tennis courts and one basketball court.

When are the courts open?

The tennis courts are open each day from 8am to 9pm. Some courts may be booked for school use, events or maintenance.

How do I book the basketball court?

The basketball court is split in to two half courts - court 4 and court 5. General use of the basketball court has shown that players usually tend to use only half of the court, so we have split the court up in to two half courts to allow more people to book and play.

To book a half, select court 4 or court 5. If you wish to book the whole court for a full game, you will need to book courts 4 and 5 for the same slot.

Can I also play tennis on the basketball court (courts 4 and 5)?

No - the basketball court is for basketball only.

How long can I play for?

You can play tennis or basketball for one hour per booking.

How many hours can book per week?

For tennis, you can book 7 hours of play per week. For basketball, you can book 7 hours of play per week.

Once I have booked by court, how do I get access?

Once you have booked your court, you will receive your booking confirmation which will include a PIN which you can then enter into the keypad at the gate. Your PIN will be the same every time that you make a booking (PIN will be active 5 minutes before the booked session, throughout the booked session and then until 5 minutes after the booked session has ended).   

Where do I enter the PIN?

The keypad is on the gate which opens on to court 4 (the basketball court)

What if I forget my access code?

The access code will be on the confirmation email you receive immediately after you book.

What do I do it my PIN doesn’t work?

Firstly, please check that your booking is correct. Then check you are within the timeframe that the PIN is active (5 minutes before and 5 minutes after).

What happens if I input my PIN incorrectly?

Please press # to clear and re-input your code. If you enter your code incorrectly 3 times, you will need to wait 1 minute before trying again.

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel your booking online. Out of courtesy, please cancel as soon as you know so anyone wanting to book a court can use the cancelled slot. Bookings can be cancelled by using the Manage my booking button and selecting “cancel”.

What happens if I do not cancel my booking?

We will be checking “no shows” on a regular basis and will report people who have incurred a total of 3 no shows in any one month. 

Do I have to book online?

No – if you cannot book online, please telephone 01926 456207 to speak to someone who will book a court for you.

Booking by the phone line is only available during the following times:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 8.45am - 5.15pm
  • Thursday to Friday: 8.45am - 5pm

How do I report a safeguarding issue?

Please refer to our safeguarding page for details.

If I see damage to the courts or anti-social behaviour, who should I tell?

If you note the courts are damaged or unsafe, please contact us on culturebst@warwickdc.gov.uk, so we can investigate and arrange repairs.

If you witness anti-social behaviour on courts from users that is not in keeping with those set out in the terms and conditions, please report this to culturebst@warwickdc.gov.uk above so appropriate action can be taken. 

If you have a problem with anti-social behaviour, then please call 101.