Welcome to Warwick District

Whether you are returning for further study or living off campus for the first time, we are here to help. You will find information on the services you will need to settle in and start your tenancy.

Rubbish and recycling 

The system here may be different from what you are used to and it's important to get to grips with the collection arrangements. Piles of rubbish will encourage pests and is a sure-fire way to upset your neighbours. If you are in a shared property your landlord should have advised you what the collection arrangement are and have information displayed inside your home.  For shared houses we suggest having nominated tenant to put the rubbish out every week or having a rota.

Know your collection day - you can find out by entering your postcode below. You can also find out more on the refuse information for students page.

Missed your collection day? - Don't wait until the collection next week. Contractors may not take extra rubbish not contained in a bin and you should not allow piles of rubbish to accumulate inside or outside the property. You can dispose of rubbish and recycling at Princes Drive Recycling Centre.

Bin Etiquette - Put your bins or bags out for collection no earlier than 7pm, the evening before collection day. Bring bins back onto your property the day the same day they have been emptied. They could be blocking the pavement for residents with mobility issues or people with children in pushchairs.

Be environmentally conscious - Understand what you can and cant put in your bins. Recycle as much as you can. 

Missing a bin? - Ask your landlord to purchase a replacement.

Leaving us? - Make a plan of action for disposing of your rubbish at the end of the tenancy. Don't leave it to the last minute or dump it in front of your property. Recycle or donate items that can be reused. Make sure your bin is empty or bags have been removed before you leave. If you leave your bin on the pavement before you go, it could block the pavement for weeks.

Housing Advice

The Private Sector Housing Team is available to help you with any repair issues or housing queries that you might have whilst seeking accommodation or living off campus in private accommodation. 

Securing a tenancy - If you have concerns about a property or agent whilst seeking accommodation and would like some advice we can help. If you are looking for a shared house for 3 tenants or more we encourage you to check our House in Multiple Occupation register to make sure it's a property we are aware of.

My landlord isn't fixing it - You should report repairs to your landlord or agent first, but if they aren't addressing the problem or you think the property is unsafe please contact us, we may be able to inspect the property and take up any repairs with the landlord on your behalf.

Your rights and responsibilities - Your tenancy agreement should explain what is expected of the tenants and the landlord. If you are in dispute with your landlord or agent regarding something they have asked you to do or something they should be doing but aren't, we may be able to help.

Rate Your Landlord - A new service being launched by Warwick SU and coming to the district soon. Rate Your landlord is a review and ratings website that allows student tenants to leave reviews on their renting experience. It will help students to pick accommodation based on quality and good service. It's also an opportunity for landlords to showcase good service and set themselves apart from the competition.

Contact the Student Housing Enforcement Officer at rebecca.frazer@warwickdc.gov.uk

Council tax

This is a local tax which helps Councils pay for services we provide to the community such as maintaining roads, parks, libraries, street lighting, rubbish and recycling collection. Most residents pay council tax, but full time students are usually exempt. You will need to contact the Revenues Team to register your name and proof of studies to get your exemption.

Find out about students and council tax. You can also find out your council tax band.

Your Community

Living in your first private rental and experiencing greater freedoms is exciting. Whilst you are here, we ask that you are considerate of your neighbours and join our local community.

Your neighbours may have concerns if they have experienced noise nuisance, refuse issues or anti-social behaviour from the previous tenants. Their neighbours often change yearly, which makes it difficult to build a good relationship and creates anxiety for the year ahead.

  • When you move in, it’s a great idea to introduce yourself to your neighbours. You can do this by knocking the door or if you are feeling shy, pop a card through.
  • Don’t allow rubbish to accumulate and put your bins out/in at the right time.
  • Noise – please be considerate of your neighbours, if you aren’t, we are likely to receive noise complaints and you may receive an enforcement notice. We will also pass the complaint on to the University. We often receive complaints about loud music, noisy gatherings, shouting when walking to and from town and using gardens at unsociable hours.
  • House parties – WDC do not condone house parties, they are not appropriate for residential areas and are likely to breach your tenancy agreement. Please book a private function room and support one of our brilliant venues in town instead.

Please help us to keep Warwick District a great place to live, work and study.

Register to vote

Get involved in local politics and have your say.

As a student you are able to register at home and at your term-time address. Find out more about registering to vote as a student.

Keep Active with a discounted gym membership

Warwick District has great gym and swimming facilities in Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth.

Students can use our gyms at off peak times at concessionary rates. Visit the gym membership page for details.

Jobs for students

The Student Job, Graduate Jobs and the employment for students websites specialise in student jobs, part time jobs, placements, holiday jobs and graduate jobs.


Leamington, Warwick & Kenilworth have much to offer; Cinema, music, theatre, museums, markets and more. Visit our What's on section or check out www.loveleamington.com.   

You can also add your own event to a Warwickshire wide events calendar