How to apply and charges

Any food business based in Warwick District which exports food and drink may be required to provide a Food Export Health Certificate by the country of destination. These certificates confirm that a specific business complies with all relevant legislation and the food produced is without risk to health.

Please note:

  • A certificate will not be supplied unless you are registered with us.
  • We may need to inspect your business to verify that the food is produced in compliance with UK legislation and may make additional checks, depending on the required wording of the certificate.
  • We reserve the right to decline to issue a certificate if your premises, hygiene standards and or practices fail to meet food safety standards.

If you wish to export products of animal origin (POAO) to countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) Warwick District Council has Certified Officers who are authorised to issue Export Health Certificates.

If you wish to export products of animal origin (POAO) to countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) you are advised to contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) with details of the product and country you wish to export to.  Email: or telephone: 03000 200301.

If you wish to export food products not of animal origin (PNOAO) which is manufactured in the UK and/or not manufactured in the UK but stored and distributed in the UK Warwick District Council has officers who are authorised to issue Export Health Certificates

Information required 

Warwick District Council will require you to provide the following information for each export certificate:

  • manufacturer
  • minimum durability
  • storage conditions
  • export approval number
  • consignor/exporter
  • consignee/importer
  • country of destination
  • means of transport
  • product including description
  • intended purpose (e.g. direct human consumption, further processing, trade samples)
  • type of packaging
  • quantity including total quantity
  • total number of packages
  • country of origin
  • date of production
  • packaging
  • batch number
  • packing lists/commercial invoices.
  • Any specific wording/nature of export certification requirements as requested by customer or from information provided by the UK- based embassy or appropriate government authority of the destination country.

Please note: it is the exporter's responsibility to ensure that the destination country's requirements are met and that the information given is accurate. 

Further guidance can be viewed on webpage Export food, drink and agricultural products

How to apply 

  • Once you have established the destination country's requirements you should contact us at and provide us with the required information. 
  • Make payment online.


  • Each certificate costs £88.55 (non-refundable).
  • Where an export certificate has been produced and the customer requires an amendment or reissue of a certificate the full fee is payable (£77.00).

When we are in receipt of both payment and the required information for your certificate we will issue and post your certificate via Royal Mail first class post.  You should allow 5 working days for this.  

Food Safety Team contact telephone number: 01926 456713.