• Please use this form if you believe that you may be entitled to receive a disablement reduction.
  • The council tax team will contact you to make an appointment for the council's inspector to view your property.
  • Relief is awarded by basing the charge on the next lowest band. Those in Band ‘A’ receive a one ninth reduction.
  • Neither the applicant nor the disabled person needs to receive benefits to claim the reduction.
  • We need to be satisfied that there is a disabled resident who needs one or more of the features claimed on page 3 of this form and that those features are essential or of major importance to the wellbeing of the disabled resident because of the nature and extent of their disability. It may help if the applicant can supply a note from a doctor or other qualified professional such as an occupational therapist or social worker confirming that the disabled resident needs the features claimed on page 3, but if you are unable to obtain confirmation do not delay your application.

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