1. In order to proceed with your application, a plan of the property will be required clearly indicating the occupied and empty areas
  2. To verify your application, an Inspector from Warwick District Council will visit your premises
  3. This application is subject to approval by the Exchequer Manager and is generally only approved in cases where the part occupation is for a short period only
  4. If relief is approved the Council will write to the Valuation Office Agency to request the rateable value split between the empty and void portions and will amend your bill accordingly
  5. Should the unoccupied part become occupied, following the approval of this application, you must notify the Council immediately
  6. Any relief will cease on 31 March of the applicable year unless the empty part becomes re-occupied prior to this date. You must reapply on or after the 1 April if you wish to be considered for further relief
  7. The Council have adopted a guidance paper when considering applications - partly occupied property relief application guidance notes

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