Pantomime 2021: Aladdin

On a rusty red background, gold letters spell the title, Aladdin. To the right, there is a golden lamp. The date range of the performance runs across the bottom, saturday 4th december - Sunday 2nd January 2022

Performances cancelled 26th - 30th December

Announcement 26th December:
We are sorry to announce that, due to cast illness, all performances of Aladdin from Sunday 26th December up to and including Thursday 30th December are cancelled.
Our Box Office team will be in touch with ticket holders from Monday 27th December to transfer your tickets or to arrange a refund. 

panto schedule 2021 /2022

Group Booking information

Booking for a group of you to come and enjoy the pantomime together can save you money!
Group sizes start at 10 people; just getting a few families to book together is enough to achieve a discount.
10 - 24 = 7.5%
25 - 49 = 10%
50 - 99 = 15%
100 - 248 = 20%
249+ = 25% 
The discount is only applicable to Opening Weekend and Standard performances. 
To book group tickets, you can either:
  • Call our Box Office on 01926 334418 10am - 3pm Monday - Sunday (recommended for larger groups) 
  • Email requesting a call back at a time convenient to you. Please include a contact telephone number!
  • Book online, selecting the relevant discount bracket from the drop down menu when choosing your seats

School performances

School performances give children a perfect introduction to live theatre, and a trip out to the Royal Spa Centre after a turbulent 18 months is the perfect way to celebrate. 

There are 13 performances to choose from between Tuesday 7th and Thursday 16th December. There are 2 shows each day (excluding Monday 13th December) at 10am and 1:15pm. 

Coaches can park on Newbold Terrace for drop off and then park at St Nicholas Park in Warwick.

Tickets cost £10.50 and include an icecream. Staff at a ratio of 1:10 can attend for free. More staff are charged at £10.50 per ticket. 

To enquire about best availability and to reserve your place for the trip of the year, please call Box Office on 01926 334418, and ask to speak to Rose. 

Relaxed and Signed performance

Thursday 30th December, 1pm

  • Still the same great show but with fewer loud bangs and pyrotechnics. Tickets cost £18. 
  • There is a BSL interpreter.
  • This performance is great for those young and old who would prefer watching panto without the 'jumps'!
  • Audience members are free to come and go as they please and the house lights are kept on, dimly. 
  • We have the performance screened in the foyer too if you're having to take time out of the auditorium. 


Our chosen charity

We are currently looking to invite a charity to fundraise for the duration of the pantomime run.

The charity needs to have the man power to have a presence at every pantomime performance to maximise  fundraising potential. We also ask that you speak to cast and crew at the start of the rehearsal period so that they fully understand the charity's mission and purpose, as well as speaking for a few minutes to the invited audience at the final dress rehearsal. Ideally, the charity would be local and directly helping people in Warwick District and/or Warwickshire.

If you would like to be considered for our chosen charity, please get in touch

Covid-19 Guidance

Please click here to view how the Royal Spa Centre is keeping you safe throughout your visit.

What is happening to my booking from last year?

Please see the list of new dates for 2021 below. If you are satisfied with your rescheduled date there is no need for you to do anything more. Our Box Office team have already transferred your booking to the equivalent date next year. All you have to do is keep your original tickets as these will remain valid – the performance time and seats will stay the same. 

Original Booking 2020/21 Your New Date 2021/22

Saturday 5th December 1pm

Saturday 4th December 1pm
Saturday 5th December 5pm Saturday 4th December 5pm
Sunday 6th December 1pm Sunday 5th December 1pm
Sunday 6th December 5pm Sunday 5th December 5pm
Saturday 12th December 1pm Saturday 11th December 1pm
Saturday 12th December 5pm Saturday 11th December 5pm
Sunday 13th December 1pm Sunday 12th December 1pm
Sunday 13th December 5pm Sunday 12th December 5pm
Saturday 19th December 1pm Saturday 18th December 1pm
Saturday 19th December 5pm Saturday 18th December 5pm
Sunday 20th December 1pm Sunday 19th December 1pm
Sunday 20th December 5pm Sunday 19th December 5pm
Monday 21st December 1pm Monday 20th December 1pm
Monday 21st December 5pm Monday 20th December 5pm
Tuesday 22nd December 1pm Tuesday 21st December 1pm
Tuesday 22nd December 5pm Tuesday 21st December 5pm
No Original Date Wednesday 22nd December 1pm
No Original Date Wednesday 22nd December 5pm
Wednesday 23rd December 1pm Thursday 23rd December 1pm
Wednesday 23rd December 5pm Thursday 23rd December 5pm
Thursday 24th December 11am Friday 24th December 11am
Thursday 24th December 3pm Friday 24th December 3pm
Saturday 26th December 1pm Sunday 26th December 1pm
Saturday 26th December 5pm Sunday 26th December 5pm
Sunday 27th December 1pm Monday 27th December 1pm
Sunday 27th December 5pm Monday 27th December 5pm
Monday 28th December 1pm Tuesday 28th December 1pm
Monday 28th December 5pm

Tuesday 28th December 5pm

Tuesday 29th December 1pm Wednesday 29th December 1pm
Tuesday 29th December 5pm

Wednesday 29th December 5pm

Wednesday 30th December 1pm Thursday 30th December 1pm
Wednesday 30th December 5pm Thursday 30th December 5pm
Thursday 31st December 11am Friday 31st December 11am
Thursday 31st December 3pm Friday 31st December 3pm

Saturday 2nd January 1pm

Saturday 2nd January 5pm

Sunday 2nd January 1pm

Sunday 2nd January 5pm






























Our signed and relaxed performance will take place on Thursday 30th December at 1pm.