Our Ignite Grants support the development and growth of artists and arts organisations based within Warwick District. Grants are between £500 and £5,000. This is development-based funding intended to help ‘ignite’ potential, increase resilience, or grow an organisation. Ignite Grants are aimed at new and emerging artists and art organisations, those that wish to ‘step up’ their activity or test innovative ideas. The fund is intended as a steppingstone towards being considered as a Creative Partner of the Council in the future.

The Ignite Grants encourage creatives to innovate, take creative risks, work in new ways, and reach new audiences. The Ignite Grants specifically relate to three of the five strategic themes of Warwick District’s Creative Framework:

  • Innovation
  • Placemaking
  • Pathfinding

Applications will therefore be assessed on the potential impact of the investment upon:

  • the development, resilience, or growth of the artist or organisation
  • impact upon any one of these three strategic priorities for the district

You can download a copy of Warwick District’s Creative Framework.

Strong applications will be able to demonstrate a tangible impact on any of those three strategic priorities for the district. For example, this could include:

  • building new networks or sharing best practice
  • commissioning or creating pilot programmes of new high-quality work to push boundaries
  • expanding the capability of your organisation
  • experimenting with new collaborators or partners
  • working with mentors
  • professional development
  • periods of research or development to explore new ways of working
  • investigating practical steps to make your work more sustainable
  • reducing your environmental impact
  • audience research or engagement
  • engaging with digital technology or collaborating with tech industries
  • trialling new roles
  • using different, temporary, ‘meanwhile’ spaces and settings
  • working up a funding application to draw in further investment, developing fundraising plans, or investigating commercial opportunities

Grant conditions

Please review the Ignite arts grant terms and conditions of the grant before making your application.

Time frame

  • Submit your application by Friday 16 December at 09:00
  • You will be notified whether your application been successful by Monday 23 January,
  • Funds will be awarded by Wednesday 15 February

How to apply

Applications to the Ignite Grants programme can be made at any time and will be assessed twice a year by the Arts Grants Programme Steering Group. Applicants cannot apply until they have first consulted with the Arts Officer to express an interest and establish if they are eligible.

Before applying, please read the Ignite arts grant application guidance notes. The application form is timed to 20 mins per page, so have all documentation and answers prepared in advance.

Apply for the Ignite Grant

For further advice on the application process or if you have a query, email   arts@warwickdc.gov.uk.

Applications are made online. After you submit your application, we will check whether it is eligible. The Arts Grants Programme Steering Group will assess it - looking at your work, the proposed impact of the investment upon your activity, and the outcomes of your application against the strategic themes of the Creative Framework.

We will also carry out a risk assessment of your application, using the information you have provided, to see if there are any weaknesses and threats to your ability to deliver your activity. We will then look at the overall balance of the applications to the Ignite Grants in terms of diversity, range of artforms and disciplines and geographic spread across the district.