Creative Partner arts grant

Nobody by Motionhouse image credit Dan Tucker
Nobody by Motionhouse image credit Dan Tucker

Creative Partners April 2021 - April 2024

We are proud that our current Creative Partners are Motionhouse, Armonico Consort, Playbox Theatre and Warwick Words. These organisations underpin our cultural infrastructure. They drive progress, change, and actively work towards achieving the vision of the district’s Creative Framework

We look forward to working together. Continuing to champion, promote the wealth of creative artists, and organisations in the district.

Applications for Creative Partners April 2024 - April 2027 

Applications for Creative Partner Grants are now open! 

Grant details

We look to work with cultural organisations based in the district. Who make significant contributions to the strategic goals of our thriving creative sector. As well as being excellent at what they do Creative partners will be leaders in their own field. With a regional or national profile. Offering access to expertise and innovation, sector leadership, and business development. These organisations underpin our cultural infrastructure, drive progress and change. Working towards achieving the vision of the district’s Creative Framework:

By 2025 Warwick district will have an established reputation as a thriving creative cluster of national significance and be known for its distinctive blend of rich cultural heritage and cutting-edge creative companies. Residents will feel pride in their local area and be inspired by shared cultural experiences, which celebrate the dynamic, innovative character of the district. In five years’ time Warwick district will be experiencing the positive economic and social benefits of creative regeneration. Our thriving, interconnected creative sector will play a crucial role in the prosperity of the area and support the ambition of Warwick district being the first choice for people to live, work, and visit.

Please read the Creative Framework before making your grant application.

Creative Partners have the support of Warwick District Council. Working in partnership with us to:

  • Represent the wider sector.
  • Identify opportunities for cultural projects.
  • Achieve the aims of the district’s Creative Framework.

Grant conditions

Please see the Creative Partner arts grant terms and conditions. To summarise, the key responsibilities of both parties are:

Warwick District Council will

  • Work with the Creative Partner in a proactive manner. To support them in their delivery of their activity, working toward the vision of the Creative Framework.
  • Provide a 3-year funding agreement with an annual grant of £2,500.
  • Act as a “critical friend” to the Creative Partner by offering advice and support. Engaging with its activity, and questioning its direction, operation, and activities.
  • Offer letters of support for funding applications as a match funder and provide advocacy.
  • Provide access and inclusion in WDC media events to assist with promoting the work of the organisation.
  • Provide notification of funding, projects, and other opportunities. That support the aims of Creative Framework.

Creative Partners will

  • Be committed to achieving the outcomes of the activity specified in their grant application. Work towards the vision of the Creative Framework.
  • Allow a WDC officer to attend the Creative Partner’s board meetings (or equivalent). Working together to monitor the performance of the organisation.
  • Creative Partner's will issue a yearly press release. Highlighting WDC’s support across all their social media and communication channels.
  • Prominently feature the WDC / Creative Partners logos on all digital and print publicity.
  • Actively participate in Spark: Ignite. Where key members of the creative sector, councillors, sponsors, and supporters attend.

Time frame

  • Grant applications open Thursday 13 July, 2023.
  • Submit your application by Friday 8 December, 2023.
  • Announcements will be made by Wednesday 31 January, 2024.

How to apply

  • Before you apply to become a Creative Partner, you must speak with the Arts Officer to go through the principles of your application.
  • Considering how you would help us to deliver against the strategic aims of the Creative Framework. The Arts Officer can provide early advice and guidance on whether your application would be eligible. They cannot assist in writing your application or comment on drafts.
  • Before applying, please read all the Creative Partner arts grant application guidance. The application form is timed to 20 mins per page, so have all documentation and answers prepared in advance.

Apply for the Creative Partner arts grant

What happens once you apply?

  1. After you submit your application, we will first check whether it is eligible.
  2. The Creative Partner Grants Steering Group will assess it. Looking at your organisation and your work. Considering proposed outcomes against the strategic priorities of the Creative Framework.
  3. We will carry out a risk assessment of your application. Using the information you have provided measuring strengths and weaknesses. Feasibility of the project is assessed. Considering your ability to deliver proposed activity. Based on your business plan, cash flow and management accounts.
  4. We will then look at the overall balance of the applications. In terms of diversity, range of art forms, and disciplines and location in the district.