Frequently asked questions

Cultutrefest with paint flowing, man playing violin, book and paintbrushes.

How can I get involved with CultureFest?

You can join our team of volunteers and help steward events and activities, ensuring that visitors have a positive and enjoyable experience; You can apply to feature you or your organisation’s work in the programme, or you can simply attend and participate in CultureFest events and activities.

How is CultureFest Funded?

Warwick District Council (WDC) has not received any additional funds to deliver CultureFest. It utilises WDC Officers’ time, Warwick District Creative Compact Members’ voluntary time, and existing resource – as to reduce the cost to the Council.

How has CultureFest been developed?

CultureFest has been developed by Warwick District Council (WDC) in partnership with Warwick District Creative Compact (WDCC).

Will CultureFest take place every year?

CultureFest is a one-off event that will only take place in 2022.