CultureFest Marketing Assets

The following CultureFest marketing assets are available to people and organisations who have been accepted on to the programme by the CultureFest selection panel.

New marketing assets will be added to this section over the coming week.

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Below are CultureFest logos for you to download and use. They are available as JPEGs and PNGs from this page. TIFFs are available on request.

You are under no obligation to feature CultureFest logos in your marketing materials, but feel free to include them if they add value. 

Culturefest logo white background thumb

Culturefest logo grey background thumb

Culturefest logo black background thumb

Culturefest logo grey background no date or pink strip thumb

Logo dos and don'ts

  • Keep a clear space around the logo 
  • Never separate or delete elements within the logo (e.g. visuals and text)
  • Never stretch or distort the aspect ratio
  • Never re-colour the logo
  • Never use logo on a busy or confusing background

Colour palette

  • Background grey: C10 M10 Y10 K10
  • Lime: C21 M5 Y100 K0
  • Blue: C21 M5 Y100 K0
  • Pink: C19 M100 Y13 K2
  • Orange: C3 M75 Y97 K0
  • Chocolate: C66 M71 Y67 K85


  • Gotham black for main headings
  • Gotham light for body copy

Brand guidelines

Social media

Facebook event page

Please let us know if the event you submitted to CultureFest has an existing Facebook event page, as we would like to feature it as an event on our CultureFest Facebook page. We can explain how this works if you are happy to do that. We are keen to avoid replication and duplication of promotional materials but can also set one up on your behalf if you prefer and invite you as administrators, just let us know what works for you.

Teaser tweet or post

Want to announce your involvement in CultureFest via social media? Here is some suggested copy to accompany the logo:

We are delighted to feature [name of programme] in @Warwick_DC’s #WDCultureFest2022 this summer! We’re busy making arrangements behind the scenes and can’t wait to tell you more over the coming weeks. You can find out more about the #festival at