The new refuse service (Every 3 weeks)

All new bins will be 180 litres. This is for waste only. Please only dispose of items that cannot be recycled.

Why are you reducing refuse collections to every 3 weeks?

Introducing 3 weekly refuse collections will:

  • Reduce waste by encouraging residents to use the new recycling services to ensure they have enough space in their grey bin
  • Help increase recycling rates and work towards the Government’s targets of recycling 55% of household waste by 2025 and 60% by 2030.
  • Help the environment as our collection vehicles will be out for less time and cover a lower mileage.

The introduction of a separate food waste collection service will mean the smelly waste is removed from your grey bin and collected every week.

Will I be able to fit all my rubbish in the grey bin?

Yes, you should be able to if you make sure you are recycling as much as possible using your:

  • Blue lidded recycling bin for paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, metal tins and cans, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, and food and drink cartons.
  • Food waste bin for raw and cooked food including out of date food.
  • Garden waste collection service or compost at home.

If certain criteria are met, additional refuse capacity may be provided upon request (charges may apply).

What can I put in the grey bin?

  • items that cannot be recycled
  • polystyrene packaging
  • plastic film
  • nappies
  • pet waste - bag and tie, store bin out of direct sunlight where possible
  • absorbent hygiene products

Please do not place the following items in your grey bin:

  • food waste
  • garden waste
  • soil, turf, building rubble

Further questions

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