Surgeries, community engagement and first planning submissions.

HS2 traffic management notices

Completed HS2 traffic management updates

Public Right of Way Updates

Drop-in sessions

Gareth Epps Independent HS2 Construction Commissioner (interim)

If you receive what you consider is an unsatisfactory response from HS2 Ltd you can ask Gareth to investigate your complaint.

Help with CEF and BLEF applications

Community Groups, Parish and Town Councils – If you need help with your applications please contact Debbie Prince, HS2 Project Officer at Warwick District Council on or Tel: 01926 456529.

HS2 Community Engagement Strategy

High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd have now published their strategy for engagement with the community during the construction of the railway.

Planning submissions

The council has received the first submissions from HS2 under Schedule 17 of the HS2 Act. HS2 planning submissions

Contact HS2 - free phone number

HS2 has a new free phone number for all queries and complaints. Call 08081 434 434.

Schedule 17 update

A Schedule 17 update for all affected town and parish councils and action groups was held  at 3.00pm on 12th April 2017.

HS2 Community and Environment Fund and HS2 Business and Local Economy Funds

HS2 has provided details of two funds they have made available to local communities to help with some of the disruption that will be caused by the construction of Phase One of HS2 between London and the West Midlands. The funds are open for applications on Wednesday 8th March 2017. Details of the funds and how to make an application.

Royal Assent granted

On 23rd February 2017 Royal Assent was granted to the HS2 Bill. The Bill is now an Act of Parliament and will provide HS2 Ltd with the powers to construct, operate and maintain Phase One of HS2.

This marks the completion of a process which began in March 2010 when the government announced its preferred route for a high speed railway (HS2) from London to the West Midlands.

The Leader of Warwick District Council Andrew Mobbs said: "As a council I feel that we have done all that we can to oppose the HS2 route. We have helped affected communities by supporting their petitions to Parliament and their appearances at both select committees."

Councillor George Illingworth, who leads on HS2 at Warwick District Council, added: "The council’s role now is to work with HS2 Ltd to minimise the disruption to our district and ensure that our residents and businesses can continue with their everyday lives during the estimated ten year construction period.”

Jeremy Wright MP for Kenilworth and Southam said: "With strong support for the project in both Houses, Parliament has now overwhelmingly approved this Bill and the railway line will be built. However, my work on this project does not stop here and I will continue to work with local stakeholders and individuals during the construction phase and I will continue to support constituents in their application for compensation."

HS2 Ltd now intends to carry out early works throughout 2017 ahead of the main contractors starting on site from 2018 onwards. The early works include site investigations, enabling works, demolition and land preparation, and new wildlife habitat creations. It is projected that the route will open by 2026.

Presentations - November 2016

A presentation explaining the submissions soon to be made by HS2 under Schedule 17 of the Hybrid Bill was given to representatives of all directly affected town and parish councils and action groups on 23 November 2016.

An update was held at on Wednesday 1 February 2017 at 3.00pm.

Warwick District Council to become a qualifying authority in relation to the HS2 Hybrid Bill

The council's Executive has resolved that the district council can become a qualifying authority in relation to the High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill. The HS2 Hybrid Bill will grant planning permission for the construction of a high speed railway between London and Birmingham. However, this permission will be the subject of a number of conditions requiring the nominated undertaker (the party/parties who will construct the railway) to obtain the consent or approval of the local planning authorities along the route for some matters of detail including the detailed design and materials of buildings and structures such as bridges and tunnel portals. The Bill gives each local planning authority a choice between having a wide or narrow range of controls over the approval of such details. Local planning authorities opting for a wider range of controls are referred to as "qualifying authorities". Qualifying authorities will be responsible for issuing consents and approvals in relation to the detailed design and appearance of structures and other elements of the scheme but that responsibility does not extend to the principle of their construction which is permitted by the Bill itself. Download the full Executive report on HS2.