Woodland burials

Oakley Wood burial site is set in existing ancient woodland, home to a wide variety of wildlife and woodland plants. People of all beliefs and denominations as well as those without any religious belief are welcomed and services take place in existing chapels.

In order to provide this natural alternative to the traditional cemetery there are regulations. If you want flowers, headstones and kerb sets then this is not the place for you.

  • In order to maintain the existing woodland flora, with least disturbance of this Ancient Woodland, a single grave only, is permitted (no re openings). Each grave is in strict rotation.
  • Biodegradable coffins only.
  • No grave can be reserved and the grave cannot be used again once burial has taken place, including cremated remains.
  • There is no exclusive Burial Rights.
  • No funeral wreaths, objects of any kind or flowers can be placed on the graves - or the planting of any bulbs, plants, shrubs or trees. An area has been set aside for this purpose.
  • A burial can take place between 9:30am – 2:30pm Monday to Friday.
  • The site will develop as a woodland glade, so trees will not be replaced on individual graves but in agreed locations throughout the site.
  • Full facilities are available in either the North or South Chapel for a service if required. Organ and recorded music is available.

Fees and charges

Item Cost
Resident of Warwick district £1,800
Non-resident £2,700
Use of chapel £175

To find out more about natural burial please contact Oakley Wood Crematorium on 01926 651418.