Street collection permit for charities

Street collections are regulated by The Police, Factories etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916.  Any person who intends to either collect money or sell articles for the benefit of charitable or other purposes in any street or public place requires a street collection permit. A street includes any highway or public bridge, road lane, footway, square, court, alley, or passage, whether a thoroughfare or not.  All street collections undertaken for a charitable purpose with Warwick District must be licensed by us.

Warwick District Council has specific adopted regulations which prescribe certain rules for the conduct of collections.  

Some charity organisations have a national exemption which exempts them from needing to apply for a permit from each local authority in whose area they collect. Warwick District Council has a site management agreement with the Public fundraising regulation board. If you wish to operate within Warwick district as one of these organisations please contact the fundraising regulator.

Make representations for or against a permit holder

If you have a complaint about a collector then please contact the regulatory (licensing) team in the first instance.  We will try to assist you or direct you to the appropriate organisation. Additional information on street collections can be found on the Charity Commission website or on the fundraising regulator. You can contact the team:

Apply for a permit

Permits are granted for one day and the council restricts the number of permits issued each year. Early application is recommended as there are usually more applications received than the dates available. Applications for permits to collect money in connection with other events (e.g. sponsored walk, morris dancing) are considered in addition to the imposed limits.

Please speak with officers of the regulatory (licensing) team to see if preferred dates are available.

If you are not an employee or authorised administrator of the charity you wish to collect for, an application form must be accompanied with a letter from the group/charity stating that they agree to you collecting on their behalf.

These permits are not automatically granted and tacit consent does not apply. It is in the public interest that the application is processed as quickly as possible so if you do not hear from us within a reasonable time please contacts us. For information how long the team will take in determination the application please see the timescale policy.

Supply a return

In accordance with a permit issued applicants must submit a return showing the amount collected and how it has been spent within one month of the date of collection.

Supply a return online for a street collection

These should be returned to or by being sent to Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Royal Leamington Spa. Failure to make a return may hinder any future application for a street collection permit.

Cost and length of the permit

There is no charge for a charitable street collection permit and the permit lasts for the duration of the collection as applied for.

Policy for street collections

Warwick District Council's Policy for Street Collections can be found here.

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