Parking tickets/parking fines are known as penalty charge notices (PCNs).

On street penalty charge notice

Warwickshire County Council issues all on street penalty charge notices. If your PCN begins with ZQ, please go to the county council website.

Pay a car park PCN

You can pay a PCN that begins with WQ.

Pay a penalty charge online

You will need your PCN number, vehicle registration number and a valid debit or credit card.

You can also pay:

  1. In person at any Post Office or shop displaying the Paypoint logo using the barcode upon the original PCN, or Notice to Owner (NtO) or Charge Certificate. Payment may be made by Credit/Debit card or cash. To pay by cheque, visit the Post Office. 
  2. By telephone using Credit Card or Debit Card on the following number: 01926 456128.

Charges and discounts

The penalty charge notice for a more serious contravention is £70. For a less serious contravention, it is £50. Charges differ between activities that cause a low disruption to the flow of traffic and other motorists, and those that cause higher disruption. 

Both can be paid at a 50% discount rate (£25/£35) within the first 14 days after the PCN has been served. 

If payment is received after 14 days, the full amount will become due.