Garden waste subscription service

If you would like to subscribe to the garden waste service for the period 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025 (with a two-week break over the Christmas and New year period), there is a charge of £44 per bin for this service.

Once subscribed, you can use your existing green bin by placing the permit on the bin. We will only empty green bins that are displaying a valid yellow permit from 1 April 2024.

Please allow 10 days for delivery of your permit.

Subscribe to the 2024-2025 garden waste service (re-directs to Stratford-on-Avon District Council).

Please note: The sign-up form redirects to the Stratford-on-Avon District Council website to take your details and payment. See the 123+ privacy notice for more details.

If you have ordered a new green bin with your permit, we will aim to deliver this to you as soon as possible, though you may receive your permit first. 

Please see our frequently asked questions for full details of the new garden waste subscription service. 

Garden waste

We collect grass cuttings and weeds, hedge clippings and pruning, leaves and bark, plants and cut flowers, twigs and small branches (no wider than your wrist), and animal bedding from herbivore pets. We do not collect soil or turf.

Putting out your green bin for collection

Place your green bin at the edge of your property, where it meets the public highway, by 6am on your collection day. Please do not put it out before 7pm the night before collection, and return it to your property as soon as possible after collection. 

Report a missed bin collection

Please report a missed bin as soon as possible after 4pm on the day of collection. We aim to return to collect missed bins within 2 working days. Please leave the missed bin in its normal place for collection. 

Report a missed bin collection

Bank holiday collections

Collections are made as normal on all bank holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Please check your collection day above to find out your changes over Christmas.

Extreme weather – disruption to services

During times of extreme weather such as snow, ice, extreme heat, etc. please check the waste collection service disruption page for any refuse and recycling service changes that become necessary.

Frozen bins

In very cold weather, it is possible that the contents of your green bin may become frozen solid. This means that when we attempt to empty your bin, some or all of the contents won’t come out. On these occasions, we are unable to return to empty your bin until your next scheduled collection.

To reduce the risk of your bin becoming frozen:

  • Do not compress garden waste into your bin
  • Loosen the contents by sliding a spade between the contents and the inside of the bin
  • Store your bin in a warmer spot

Request additional green bins

You can order new waste and recycling bins online.

Alternatively, garden waste can be taken to Princes Drive and Cherry Orchard Recycling Centres or composted at home.

Compost bin

Compost bins

One of the best environmental solutions is to compost food waste at home if you’re able to. Various compost bin offers from £9.99 (plus delivery) are available for households interested in getting started.

What happens to your garden and food waste?

Check our FAQs section.