Cooling towers and evaporative condensers are systems that use water, usually falling within a tower, to cool hot air from an industrial process or air conditioning systems. If not properly maintained, droplets of water from such systems can be a source of Legionella a pneumonia-like infection, which is especially dangerous to certain individuals (the most at risk being men over 50 years of age who smoke).

Cooling tower notification

Licence summary

The owners of premises that have such 'wet cooling systems' must register them with the local authority, and they have a duty to maintain the systems in good condition under health and safety legislation. 

These wet systems should not be confused with refrigerant cooling systems most frequently used for office, restaurant, or residential air conditioning systems often seen on top of buildings, or attached to the side of the building.  



Registered cooling towers

For a current list of registered cooling towers within Warwick District download Cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

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