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Coronavirus update

In order to protect the health of businesses, residents and Council staff, the Food and Occupational Health & Safety Team will be acting on current government advice regarding social distance in relation to COVID-19. Therefore, until further notice, we will not be carrying out any inspections or site visits unless there is an emergency situation.

The team will continue to respond to all enquiries, queries and requests for service:

COVID-19 Outbreak Management

Additional advice for businesses considering the temporary provision of food delivery

Social distancing guidance for Ice cream vendors and other mobile food businesses

COVID-19 National and Local Guidance for Supermarkets and other Food Retailers

Coronavirus (Covid-19) checklist for businesses

Specific guidance for different work settings during Covid-19 (11th May 2020)

Further information and advice on food safety can be found on this page.

Food hygiene

Hygiene and quality

For information on food safety investigations and how to make a complaint go to Food hygiene and quality.

Food hygiene rating

Food businesses - registration and ratings

For information about food hygiene ratings for restaurants and registering a food business visit restaurants and catering.

Fresh food

Trading standards

For information about food that is not of the nature, substance or quality demanded by the purchaser, as opposed to SAFETY, contact Warwickshire Trading Standards