Hackney carriages can be flagged down and stopped by waving at them in the streets if their 'for hire' light is on. Hackney carriages can also be found at the various taxi ranks in the district. Hackney carriages are the only vehicles that can ply for hire or wait in ranks.

Taxi rank locations

It is mandatory for hackney carriages to use a meter when a journey is within Warwick district and cannot charge more than the meter indicates at the journey's destination. The meter should not be started until the journey commences and must be charged in accordance with fares set by the council.

Fare chart and distance guide

This meter works on both distance and time. Therefore if there is slow-moving traffic the price may be higher than if the traffic is light. If the journey is going outside the boundaries of Warwick district then the driver can refuse to take the customer or agree a price with the customer, however this amount has to be agreed before the journey commences (in this instance it is not mandatory to use the meter).

Full details on how to become licensed

Unmet demand survey

The council commissioned an Unmet Demand Survey to identify if the correct number of hackney carriages are licensed, if taxi ranks are in the correct locations and if the hackney carriage vehicles are appropriate for the district residents and visitors.  The public consultation on the report has now ended and results are being analysed. 

Download the report and appendices.