The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 ('RRO') requires the person having control of the premises (the Responsible Person) to implement general fire precautions for the safety of employees or persons who are legally on the premises or in the immediate vicinity of the premises who are at risk from a fire on the premises (Relevant Persons).

In order to decide what the general fire precautions should be, the Responsible Person is required to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks from fire to which Relevant Persons are exposed, including those posed by the use or storage of dangerous substances.

Fire safety in flats

What to do if fire breaks out in your flat

  • Don’t try to tackle the fire yourself.
  • Leave the room at once and close the door.
  • Alert any other people in the flat. Leave your home and, when everyone is out, close the front door.
  • Call the fire brigade by dialling 999 or 112.
  • When leaving the building use the staircase. Do not use the lift.

If fire breaks out elsewhere in your building, or if you hear the fire alarm

  • You should consider whether to leave the building or remain in your flat.
  • The building is designed to contain a fire in the flat where it starts − this means it will usually be safe for you to stay in your own flat if the fire is elsewhere.
  • However, you must leave immediately if smoke or heat affects your home, or if you are told to leave by the Fire Service.
  • If you are in doubt − get out.
  • If you can see the Fire Service on the ground, then there is no need to call 999.
  • It is an offence to intentionally wedge fire doors open, if anyone is injured due to this action you could be held responsible in a court of law.
  • Lifts should never be used in a fire.