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Spark:Ignite 2022 was a FREE, one-day symposium, which took place at the Royal Spa Centre on Friday 11 February 2022. It followed on from the huge success of Spark 2020 and Spark 2021.

Spark aimed to turn creative talk into creative action, and galvanise our creative business community around a common purpose; promotion and growth of the sector.

Delegates were introduced to just some of the exciting organisations, projects, and initiatives in the area – and shared information about their work and plans for the future.  

The Programme

The day’s content was structured around five core themes; Voice, placemaking, pathfinding, engagement, and innovation, and was presented via a series of presentations, workshops, discussions, networking opportunities, and performances and exhibitions. You can watch recordings of all sessions on our Spark YouTube Channel.


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Who was the event for?

Spark was attended by people who worked in or are interested in craft, film, TV, video, radio, photography, museums, galleries, libraries, music, performing arts, visual arts, advertising and marketing, architecture, gaming, product design, graphic design, fashion, IT software and service, and publishing.

The event largely focused on Warwick District, but was open to anyone who wanted to find out more about the area’s creative scene and how they can help celebrate, promote, and grow the sector.

Why did the event happen now?

It’s widely accepted by the sector* that there is a wealth of creativity in the area but a lack of connectivity between creatives and creative organisations. The pandemic has also had a huge impact on the number of opportunities for members of our creative community to come together to connect and reconnect.

Spark aimed to connect people, celebrate creativity in the area, and ignite new collaborations. We know it was never going to solve all these challenges, but we believe it’s a step in the right direction.


Special thanks again to our speakers and panelists. We are extremely grateful for the time and energy you spent in producing presentations and attending on the day. Thanks also to Creative LeamingtonBID LeamingtonLeamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, and Warwick District Council’s Media Team for lending us technology and equipment.

The day would not have been possible without the support of a number of teams at Warwick District Council, so special thanks to the Arts Section’s Marketing and Programming Team, Technical and Facilities Team, Customer Services Team, Collections and Engagement Team, and Media Team, Heads of Service and Portfolio Holders.

Thanks to RiVR for providing their QR code / AR display, Warwick District Council's Collections and Engagement Team for facilitating a workshop, Hollywood Gaming for the motion capture demonstration and Mookie's Indian Street Food for lunch.

And finally, thanks to Warwickshire County Council for providing lunch and keeping us fuelled throughout the day, and Warwick District Creative Compact for helping to shape the programme.