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Weekly update - 29 January 2021

This week’s sobering news of 100,000 deaths to the virus across the UK, concentrates the mind on the mammoth task at hand. Beyond the pandemic, a further herculean effort will be required to rebuild our economy, way of life and wellbeing.

We’re encouraged through witnessing as we do, the care and attention being given by so many unsung heroes across all walks of life, that ultimately by continuing our work together, we will prevail. 

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Weekly update from the Leader and Chief Executive

Friday 1 January 2021

2020 was not the year we were expecting, but certainly one that we’ll never forget! With thousands of Covid deaths, the degradation of our economy and billions racked up in debt, it would be easy to miss that this year has also brought many blessings. 

Not in generations has our community worked together in such a powerful manner. In selfless and courageous ways our charities, businesses and community organisations have all risen to the challenge. Together we’ve supported the most vulnerable and positively dealt with the local impact of the pandemic to help reduce the inevitable damage to lives and livelihoods.

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If you have been notified as being particularly vulnerable and need to isolate for 12 weeks but do not have any local support, you can call us on our dedicated number:

  • 0800 4081447 - Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm; Saturday and Sunday opening hours vary

If you think there is a breach of social distancing regulations, please contact our Environmental Health team at

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Our priority is responding to coronavirus and supporting local communities across Warwick district, providing the help and services needed during this difficult time.