Paintings, Prints and Drawings - Tessa Beaver

Paintings, Prints and Drawings
Tessa Beaver
29 November 2014 – 22 February 2015

Tessa Beaver (1932, London) is a printmaker and painter who has worked continuously as an artist since her graduation from the Slade School of Art in1953. For the past 44 years she has lived and worked in Leamington Spa. Now in her 83rd year Beaver continues to paint, draw, write and pursue artistic research from her long established studio in Leamington’s Old Town. Paintings, Prints and Drawings is a new exhibition with works from the mid-1960s to the present day. It includes woodblock prints, copper and steel plate etchings, charcoal and ink drawings, pottery works and oil paintings. Those familiar with Beaver’s work will recognize the natural themes of trees, woodlands, plants and seashores as well as the architectural subjects and interiors for which she became known.

Less familiar perhaps are her ambitious abstract etchings, many of which have never been exhibited before.