• Use this form to apply for a name change for your residence.
  • There is a fee for this service. You will be given the option to pay online when you complete this form.

See the property name change page for more details.

Privacy notice

The personal data that you provide will be used to process and confirm your street naming and numbering application, and the legal basis for this processing is Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847.

You must complete this form in order for new addresses or amendments to be processed. If you do not the application cannot be processed and confirmed.

Your personal data will be shared with internal departments within the council, these include Electoral Services, Contract Services, Asset Management, Housing Strategy and Revenues (Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates). External organisations are also notified of address changes and these are: British Gas, Warwickshire County Council, The Land Registry, Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey, Severn Trent, Western Power Supplies, BT Openreach and The Valuation Office.  The external organisations notified will be required to, process their data in a secured and lawful manner as enshrined by GDPR.

Your personal data will be kept indefinitely.

You have the right to access your personal data and to complain if you think your data is being used incorrectly. You may also have other rights, such as to have your data corrected or erased. For full details on your personal data rights please see the Council’s main Privacy Notice.

‘For the Data Controller and Data Protection Officer’s contact details and further information please see the Council’s main Privacy Notice.