Henning Wehn: Westphalia Is Not An Option

Henning Wehn

Date: 8th October 2017

Location: Main Stage, Royal Spa Centre

Time: 19:30

Sold out!

After his last show tackled those well-known staples of light entertainment that are the British obsession with home ownership and the self-serving nature of most fundraising efforts, this time Henning's having an unbiased look at immigration. He also wonders if, generally speaking, people are competent. Luckily in his case this doesn't matter as either he's funny or he lives up to a national stereotype. It's a win-win situation. Come along. Or else.

'Very entertaining and very accessible' - Scotsman

'A diplomatic master class' The Scotsman

'Brought the audience to its knees' The Daily Telegraph

'Marvellous' The Guardian

 'His accent is not so much German as indescribable' Daily Mail

Suitable for ages 16+

sold out



Cost: £17.50

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