Armonico Consort: A German Christmas

A German Christmas

Date: 5th December 2020

Location: Collegiate Church of St Mary, Old Square, Warwick

Please note this event has now been cancelled due to the government announcement that Warwickshire is now in Tier 3.

Please note these events have now been cancelled due to the government announcement that Warwickshire is now in Tier 3. Box Office will contact all customers and process refunds.


Over the centuries, the Germans have got two things very right, their Christmas markets and their Christmas music, and Michael Praetorius’ offering to this legacy with his Christmas Mass is simply magnificent. Taking inspiration from the Venetian school, Praetorius surrounds the listener with a number of choral and instrumental groups, using virtuosic combinations of colour, vitality and excitement. The composer then ends the piece with the ‘almost’ surround sound, awe inspiring, 22 part In Dulce Jubilo. 

The Corelli Concerto Grosso for two solo violins, Op6, no 8 will open the concert. Perhaps the most mesmerising of Corelli’s Concerti Grossi, it is known as the ‘Christmas Concerto from 1690’ and is engraved Fatto per la notte di Natale which translates as ‘made for the night of Christmas’. Packed so richly with baroque indulgence, melodies, and incredible, relentless and plainly gorgeous suspensions, it is one of the finest examples of Baroque music in this form. ‘It is Italian!?!’ we hear you shout... The logic behind including this work in our German Christmas programme is this is that, whilst German musical styles dominated the composers in Europe across the centuries, Praetorius so clearly demonstrates that the influence on his music was simply Italian, so what better excuse to include this fabulous work by Corelli. 


Cost: £23.50

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