Aladdin 2020

Date: 4th December 2021 - 2nd January 2022

Location: Main Stage, Royal Spa Centre

Aladdin 2020-21 has been postponed and will now take place from December 2021-22

It is with enormous regret that we have to confirm that our 2020/21 pantomime, Aladdin, will not take place this year. However, we are not saying goodbye completely, oh no we’re not! The pantomime will return for our Christmas season in 2021-22, starring Sean Dodds as Wishee Washee and the fabulous JP McCue as Widow Twankee!

We know that you will miss us this year (and we will all miss you!), but we believe that you need to experience a pantomime in a packed auditorium with a large audience who can interact with the actors on stage, as that is the beauty and tradition of pantomime. If we are unable to achieve that this year then we would not be doing the art form justice. Therefore, postponing Aladdin until next year feels like the most sensible, fair and safe option.

What is happening to my booking?

Please see the list of new dates for 2021 below. If you are satisfied with your rescheduled date there is no need for you to do anything more. Our Box Office team have already transferred your booking to the equivalent date next year. All you have to do is keep your original tickets as these will remain valid – the performance time and seats will stay the same.

We hope that you will be able to wait a little longer and will want to transfer your date to next year, but if not please send an email to our Box Office on confirming your name, postcode and a current telephone number and they will call you back within the next two weeks to arrange a refund over the phone.

Original Booking 2020/21

Your New Date 2021/22

Saturday 5th December 1pm

Saturday 4th December 1pm

Saturday 5th December 5pm

Saturday 4th December 5pm

Sunday 6th December 1pm

Sunday 5th December 1pm

Sunday 6th December 5pm

Sunday 5th December 5pm

Saturday 12th December 1pm

Saturday 11th December 1pm

Saturday 12th December 5pm

Saturday 11th December 5pm

Sunday 13th December 1pm

Sunday 12th December 1pm

Sunday 13th December 5pm

Sunday 12th December 5pm

Saturday 19th December 1pm

Saturday 18th December 1pm

Saturday 19th December 5pm

Saturday 18th December 5pm

Sunday 20th December 1pm

Sunday 19th December 1pm

Sunday 20th December 5pm

Sunday 19th December 5pm

Monday 21st December 1pm

Monday 20th December 1pm

Monday 21st December 5pm

Monday 20th December 5pm

Tuesday 22nd December 1pm

Tuesday 21st December 1pm

Tuesday 22nd December 5pm

Tuesday 21st December 5pm


Wednesday 22nd December 1pm


Wednesday 22nd December 5pm

Wednesday 23rd December 1pm

Thursday 23rd December 1pm

Wednesday 23rd December 5pm

Thursday 23rd December 5pm

Thursday 24th December 11am

Friday 24th December 11am

Thursday 24th December 3pm

Friday 24th December 3pm

Saturday 26th December 1pm

Sunday 26th December 1pm

Saturday 26th December 5pm

Sunday 26th December 5pm

Sunday 27th December 1pm

Monday 27th December 1pm

Sunday 27th December 5pm

Monday 27th December 5pm

Monday 28th December 1pm

Tuesday 28th December 1pm

Monday 28th December 5pm

Tuesday 28th December 5pm

Tuesday 29th December 1pm

Wednesday 29th December 1pm

Tuesday 29th December 5pm

Wednesday 29th December 5pm

Wednesday 30th December 1pm

Thursday 30th December 1pm

Wednesday 30th December 5pm

Thursday 30th December 5pm

Thursday 31st December 11am

Friday 31st December 11am

Thursday 31st December 3pm

Friday 31st December 3pm

Saturday 2nd January 1pm

Sunday 2nd January 1pm

Saturday 2nd January 5pm

Sunday 2nd January 5pm

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Our signed and relaxed performance will take place on Thursday 30th December at 1pm.

Cost: From £16.50

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