Bus shelters

Bus shelterWarwick District Council maintains a few of the older bus shelters.

Bus shelters maintained by Warwick District Council.

We endeavour to clean the bus shelters on a monthly basis with major repairs being carried out in October. Budget restrictions may occur due to repairing vandalised shelters and removing graffiti. This can result in the cleaning frequency being reduced.

How to report a problem with a bus shelter

Report a problem with a bus shelter.

Please include:

  • Location and if possible the WDC reference number on the bus shelter itself
  • Details of the problem and the severity. 

What to do if the bus shelter is not owned by Warwick District Council

These and bus stop poles are generally the responsibility of either the bus operator, the town/parish council or on major bus routes Warwickshire County Council who are responsible for certain bus shelters. You can contact Warwickshire County Council by phoning 01926 412987.