Choose How You Move LogoChoose How You Move in Leamington Spa

You can now earn rewards for walking, cycling or using public transport in Leamington thanks to a new app-based rewards programme, 'Choose How You Move Leamington Spa' powered by BetterPoints, a behaviour change platform.

The programme aims to encourage anyone who lives, works, shops in or visits Leamington Spa to log their green travel in return for BetterPoints that are redeemable on the high street, or can be donated to charity.

The BetterPoints app is available for free download now on Android and OS. The 'Choose How You Move Leamington Spa' programme will run until October 2019.

About Active Travel

The Active Travel 'Choose How You Move' campaign focuses on small changes we can make on a daily basis, to our journeys. How can you change your journey to become more active? Active travel is good for your health and wellbeing, your pocket and the environment. 

Building physical activity into daily life is crucial for our health, for our mental wellbeing, and can be easier than fitting in a trip to the gym. Reducing car use also reduces air pollution, which we know has an important impact on health. Even one day or one trip a week without the car, or doing part of a journey differently, can make a huge difference.

Visit the Active Travel website for information, guidance, tips and tricks to help you choose how you move.