Welcome to Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum's dedicated families page

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Here you will find a selection of activities and challenges for you to enjoy at home!

Activities To Enjoy

Mini Museum

Create your own mini museum

Recreate Challenge

Recreating artworks challenge

Discover Leam

From World-class boxers, to Victorians to elephants, Leamington has a rich, exciting past! You can discover more by watching our beautiful animations of Leamington's past that are coming very soon, or even take a walk around Jephson gardens with our brand-new Treasure Trail!

Leamington Treasure Trail

Leamington Spa Treasure Trail

Explore our collection

You can explore the Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum collection by clicking the images below. We have all sorts from really fancy paintings, to 3D photographs you can see at every angle and some of our amazing artefacts.

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