Craft Club

Craft Club

Date: 14th January 2018 - 13th January 2019

Every fortnight

Location: Art Gallery & Museum

Time: 13:30 - 15:30

Everyone is welcome to join this monthly craft group, no experience is necessary.

Join Action 21 skill sharers to learn a new craft each month or bring something you are working on and enjoy the company of other craft enthusiasts.

Everyone is welcome to join this fortnightly craft group, no experience necessary. 


Sunday 4 and 18 November: Rag Rugs

Bring your old clothes and scrap fabrics and learn how to turn them into rugs! (Adult and child friendly)

Sunday 2 December: Christmas Rag Wreath

Bring your old clothes and scrap fabrics and learn how to turn them into beautiful wreaths for Christmas

Sunday 16 December: Photo Tile Coasters

Family friendly, bring a selection of photos that can be cut to size and any old, clean tiles you have at home. 

Sunday 6 January: Fused plastic material. (Suitable for 11+ under supervision) Fuse plastic bags, sew into a reusable sandwich bag or pencil case. 

Sunday 20 January: We will be creating a beautiful piece of folded book art. Following a pattern we will create a heart from the pages of the book. This can also be decorated. Suitable for 11+. Bring old, hard back books with you. 

Sunday 3 February: There is so much waste plastic around, and we have all seen the impact this has on the environment. Today we will be turning plastic water bottles into beautiful flowers! They look great in a vase or outside for year round colour. Family friendly, these can be simple make for little ones - or a gorgeous, more complex flower for the adults

Sunday 17 February: Spring planters from all-sorts. (Family friendly) Section of plants to plant the weird and wonderful. Wellies, colanders, tins, tea cups - we can show you how to make them into great plant pots!

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Cost: Free, drop in and join in.

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